Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ethan & I voted!!!!

Ethan and I just got back from voting. We walked down to the fire station and voted. I am exhausted. I didn't want to take the stroller because I didn't know how crowded it would be so I put him in his infant carrier sling thingy. Luckily the fire station is off of Green Ave. so it was only a few blocks, but when you have 23 pounds strapped to you it feels like FOREVER! The minute we got in the house he crashed out. Here are some pics from our walk home. The voting booth guy even gave him his own "I voted" sticker and as we were voting an enormous fire truck was backing into the garage so Ethan got all excited and wanted to check that out.

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justchrys said...

He is getting so big! He looks so much like you.

Love, Aunt Crystal